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Please read before starting your training
These modules are made up of two parts :

At any time during the first part you can stop and come back at any time, you will start where you left off.

On the other hand when you do the quiz you mustn't stop or disconnect until you have completed your quiz, you can not redo the quiz once you have stopped.
If you really need to stop then just minimize the window and continue later on, there is no time limit.
Good luck !

"); define("CPT_8","Take up again"); define("CPT_9","points"); define("CPT_10","How far you have gone"); define("CPT_11","Quiz"); define("CPT_12","Last name *"); define("CPT_13","Name *"); define("CPT_14","Email"); define("CPT_15","Phone"); define("CPT_16","Cancel"); define("CPT_17","If you already have an account sign in, if not"); define("CPT_18","you can sign up here"); define("CPT_19","Ok"); define("CPT_20","If you lost your password enter here you email (the one used when you signed up). We will send you a new password to this email address."); define("CPT_21","Your email :"); define("CPT_22","You account hasn't yet been activated. You will receive your password by email when it is activated."); define("CPT_23","You will receive and email shortly."); define("CPT_24","The email has encountered an error. 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This is normal if you just signed up."); define("CPT_30","To participate and win our challenge Morocco Champions, please fill in all your sales by clicking on"); define("CPT_31","Add a sale"); define("CPT_32","No sales"); define("CPT_33","Dates"); define("CPT_34","Destination"); define("CPT_35","Pax"); define("CPT_36","Tour Operator"); define("CPT_37","Change"); define("CPT_38","Delete"); define("CPT_39","Total sales :"); define("CPT_40","Sales"); define("CPT_41","Pax"); define("CPT_42","Are you sure you want to delete this sale ?"); define("CPT_43","Product"); define("CPT_44","TO"); define("CPT_45","Departure date"); define("CPT_46","Yes"); define("CPT_47","No"); define("CPT_48","Number of Pax*"); define("CPT_49","person(s)"); define("CPT_50","Departure date*"); define("CPT_51","Format dd/mm/yyyy"); define("CPT_52","Length of trip*"); define("CPT_53","days"); define("CPT_54","Product *"); define("CPT_55","TO *"); define("MAIL_AGENCY_TO","info@morocco-tourism.org.uk"); define("MAIL_AGENCY_FROM","info@morocco-tourism.org.uk"); define("MAIL_AGENCY_FROMNAME","Moroccan National Tourist Office"); define("MAIL_AGENCY_SUBJECT","MoroccoChampions-trade.com new agency created"); define("MAIL_AGENCY_BODY1","A new agency has been create "); define("MAIL_AGENCY_BODY2","the licence code"); define("MAIL_AGENCY_BODY3","Please authorize this agency after verification."); define("MAIL_AGENCY_BODY4","To authorize go here :"); define("MAIL_AGENT_FROM","info@morocco-tourism.org.uk"); define("MAIL_AGENT_FROMNAME","Moroccan National Tourist Office"); define("MAIL_AGENT_REPLY","info@morocco-tourism.org.uk"); define("MAIL_AGENT_REPLYNAME","Moroccan National Tourist Office"); define("MAIL_AGENT_SUBJECT","Your account on MoroccoChampions-trade.com is "); define("MAIL_AGENT_BODY1","Thank you for creating your account"); define("MAIL_AGENT_BODY2","Your login is"); define("MAIL_AGENT_BODY3","and your password is"); //define("MAIL_AGENT_BODY4","This login allows you to go to the training and quiz pages. The first training modules are already online !"); define("MAIL_AGENT_BODY4","This login allows you to go to the training and quiz pages."); //define("MAIL_AGENT_BODY5","You will also be referenced as an expert on our B2C consumer website"); define("MAIL_AGENT_BODY5",""); //define("MAIL_AGENT_BODY6","which is designed to give you additional exposure."); define("MAIL_AGENT_BODY6",""); //define("MAIL_AGENT_BODY7","A POS kit containing leaflets with special offers on Morocco, a sticker and a display material will be sent to your agency.."); define("MAIL_AGENT_BODY7",""); define("MAIL_AGENT_BODY8","To take part in the Morocco challenge, please do not forget to start entering all your sales of packages on Morocco into your account area from the moment you register till the end of October 2010 !"); define("MAIL_AGENT_BODY9","Good luck everyone !"); define("MAIL_AGENT_BODY10","MNTO Team UK"); define("MAIL_NEWPASS_FROM","info@morocco-tourism.org.uk"); define("MAIL_NEWPASS_FROMNAME","Moroccan National Tourist Office"); define("MAIL_NEWPASS_REPLY","info@morocco-tourism.org.uk"); define("MAIL_NEWPASS_REPLYNAME","Moroccan National Tourist Office"); define("MAIL_NEWPASS_SUBJECT","Your password on MoroccoChampions-trade.com is "); define("MAIL_NEWPASS_BODY1","Your password is"); define("MAIL_NEWPASS_BODY2","To go to your account, go to"); define("MAIL_NEWPASS_BODY3","My account"); define("MAIL_NEWPASS_BODY4","MNTO Team UK"); define("QUIZZ_0","Quiz"); define("QUIZZ_1","Quiz finished!"); define("QUIZZ_2","Number of questions"); define("QUIZZ_3","Number of correct answers"); define("QUIZZ_4","which means"); define("QUIZZ_5","You cannot redo the quiz, but you can do the training module as many times as you like."); define("QUIZZ_6","Close the window"); define("QUIZZ_7","You forgot some questions. These are in red."); define("QUIZZ_8","Ok"); define("QUIZZ_9","Training module"); ?>